Box containing 20 bottles of 75 ml.

Box containing 6 bottles of 300ml with screw-on pump.







   STERIGEL, the washbasin in your pocket

Germs (bacteria, viruses, etc.) on hands are the main reason people get infected. Soap and water aren't always at hand, nor sufficient...
STERIGEL The Instant Hand Sanitizer gets rid of all germs without water nor towels.
You can use it everywhere.
Simply put a little STERIGEL in your hands and rub them together until dry.
STERIGEL is safer on hands than regular soap and water.
Specially formulated with moisturizers, STERIGEL leaves hands feeling soft and refreshed.
You can use it as often as you may wish.
At home, office or whenever you are on the go, STERIGEL kills all germs that threaten your health.
For you, for all your family, use STERIGEL and stay healthy.